Monday, February 22, 2016

Best Pocket wifi and Mifi Rental for Europe

Best pocket wifi and mifi rental for Europe and Paris with unlimited Internet
The pocket wifi Europe from My Webspot is the solution to avoid data roaming while traveling to Europe.

I  was recently planning a trip to Europe and comparing the different solutions to get unlimited internet for europe, data roaming charges was obviously one my problem when I was traveling before and I didn't want to come back with a $900 phone bill again.

After a little bit of research on the subject, I found this Pocket wifi rental service from My Webspot and being a heavy internet user this is just what I needed. For everyone who does not know what's a pocket wifi: it is small device that fits in your pocket and you can connect your phone, laptop, tablets to it the same way you would connect to your wifi at home, it is also called: Mifi, mobile hotspot, mobile wifi.

Although you can buy a pocket wifi hotspot for about $100, it does not come with any data plan, that's why I booked the unlimited internet for Europe mifi from my webspot which cost me about $8 dollars a day.

How does it work?
  • I made the booking online on their website and chose the mifi to be delivered to my hotel in London, the device was at the reception when I arrived there and it was ready to be used.
  • Then I just need to chose the WIFI network from my Webspot pocket wifi, entered the password and internet was blasting on my phone.
  •  I visited 5 countries in europe (England, France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy) the pocket wifi worked perfectly everywhere, except some signal loss while taking the train in remote rural area of Europe.
  • At the end of my trip I used the prepaid self-return envelope provided by My webspot and dropped it at a mailbox in Heathrow airport in London.
I really enjoyed the pocket wifi service as I could work and use internet for Maps anywhere I went in Europe with the incredible 4G speed they provided.

My webspot also provides this service for the following countries in europe:
Pocket wifi Europe with Unlimited internet


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