Saturday, October 20, 2012

Woman Charged $15 Quadrillion Phone Bill in France

Women talk way too much on the phone, well this is true but this French woman from the south western city of Pessac in the suburb of Bordeaux was "Surprised" when she opened her phone bill from the french phone operator "Bouygues Telecom".
Surprised is the least we can say when she received a phone bill of:


You can't read this number? Me neither but is is about 11.721 quadrillion euros or approximately 15 quadrillion U.S. dollars with the current exchange rate which is the highest phone bill in the world history, if we compare it:

  • It is 5872 times the GDP of France.
  • 214 times of all the wealth in the world which is believed to be 70,160 billion USD.
  • 246,000 times Bill Gates Wealth.
  • Ms. San Jose who previously tried to suspend her phone line with "Bouygues Telecom"  because she was unemployed said " There was so many zeros, that I couldn't understand how much it was".

    She tried then to contact the customer service of bouygues telecom and the joke continued as the first employee she reached told her " We are sorry but we cannot do anyhing  as the bill was calculated automatically", the second employee she reached told her " You can pay in several instalments if you want...".

    After few days the company finally recognized its mistake and corrected the bill which was in fact of  117.21 euros ($150), Bouygues Telecom told her that they will pay the bill and that they were sorry about the mistake.



    the hanged man said...

    So, is this cellular service going bankrupt now that they are out quadrillions of euros? No wait!!! The service probably only cost them a few francs... if even that much.

    Herve said...

    It has been a decade that french people are not using Franc, but Euros instead..

    Anonymous said...

    Women talk way too much on the phone? 'Well this is true,' but men write really great news hooks--not to generalize or anything. Oh, do you want me to make you a sandwich? I figure you must be hard at work...'writing.'

    Anonymous said...

    Hi! I'm Anonymous and I can't take a joke or light banter! I like long walks on the beach, snuggling next to a warm fire, and fighting to disassemble the oppressive patriarchal society that is running women into the ground! I also like making passive aggressive posts anonymously.

    Jonathan said...
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    Anonymous said...

    FYI $70US trillion ($70,000US billion) is global yearly GDP not world wealth.

    lolo| Safaris Guide Kenya said...

    looooool ! so much incredible

    Anonymous said...

    This happened in the US as well. Of course it was a company error as well.

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