Monday, October 8, 2012

Smuggled iPhone 5 selling for up to $1,400 in Bangkok

The new iPhone 5 was launched all around the world and asia in Hong Kong and Singapore, but Bangkokians will have to wait a bit longer to find the latest Apple smartphone in the stores. For the most impatient ones shopping malls such as Maboonkrong "MBK" are already selling smuggled iPhone from Hong Kong, Singapore and even the United States. If you are looking for an iPhone 5, you will have to deposit 5000 baht (about $160) per phone and wait few days before getting the phone.

These smuggled unlocked iPhone comes at a premium, indeed you will have to pay 43,000 baht ($1400) for the 64GB while it is sold for approximately $930 in Hong Kong, 39,000 baht for the 32GB and 35,000 for the cheapest version in 16GB, the demand is very high in Bangkok and despite the price tag, people are rushing to get their iPhone 5 and this is a very lucrative opportunity for MBK sellers.

Once the iPhone 5 will be launched officially in Thailand later this year, the smartphone will come at a more affordable price which is believe to be similar to what customers pay now for an unlocked iPhone 4S.
The phone network service AIS "Advanced Info Service" said that the phone will start selling before the end of this month, while DTAC did not answer this question.



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