Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quant and Financial Engineering Programs Career Guide

Guide for quant carreers and Master of financial engineering MFE
Quantnet one of the most well-known website about quant careers and Master of financial engineering programs releases what they call the " Quant careers guide every year" which is a comprehensive list of the books and reviews for people interested in quant careers and applicants for MFE programs. Reading the books of this list will give you an overall understanding of the quant industry and help you in your future quant career.

You can find Quantnet complete quant guide here.

Here are some of the most interesting reading list about Quant carreers and programs:

Basic Knowledge and Understanding about Quant Careers:

-Guide by Mark Joshi about the Role and scope of knowledge for Quants
-Efinancialcareers Guide to Financial Careers.
-Prepare your Quant interview by Michael Page

Quant Careers Reading list:

- Complete to Guide to Capital Markets for Quantitative Professionals by Alex Kuznetsov
- How I became a Quant: from 25 Wall streets professionals
- My Life as a Quant by Emanuel Derman

Quant Interviews Reading list:

-Quant Job Interviews the questions and answers by Mark Joshi
-Frequent Questions about Quantitative Finance by Paul Wilmott
-Heard on The street: Quantitative Questions from Wall street Jobs interviews
- A practical guide to Quantitative Finance Job Interviews

Interesting Bookd For MFE and Master of Computational Finance candidates:

  -Paul Wilmott on Quantitative finance 3rd edition
-Introduction to the Mathematics of Financial Derivatives by Salih Neftci
-Options, Futures and Other Derivatives by John Hull
-Principles of Financial Engineering by Salih Neftci
-An Undergraduate Introduction to Financial Mathematics by Robert Buchanan 

 General reading about Finance, Investment and Wall Street:

-Monkey Business: Swinging Through the Wall Street Jungle
-Liar's Poker: Rising through the wreckage on Wall Street
-Working the Street: What you Need to Know About Life on Wall Street
-The Greatest Trade ever: story of John Paulson and his $21 billion trade

Reading List for Programing Languages:

-Problem Solving with C++ by Walter Savitch
-C++ how to program by Harvey Deitel
-C# 2010 for Programmers (4th Edition)
-Matlab: Practical Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving
-Excel 2007 Power Programming with VBA
-Excel Hacks: Tips and Tooks for spreadsheets

For more informations about Quant Carreers, you can visit Quantnet.com -->


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