Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Free Finance and Investment Lectures from MIT, NYU, Harvard and Top Universities

Find free finance and investment courses from harvard, MIT, stanford and berkely

MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley University are all providing free online courses on their website which makes it easier for everyone to get free knowledge from some of the best lecturers in the world.
The cost of attending an Ivy League University such as Harvard can often go over $40,000 per year, and the selection process makes such knowledge available to only very few sharp-minded persons.
As it is not always easy to find these precious contents and materials, the objective of this article is to provide everyone with free Financial and Investment materials that are used during lectures at those universities, moreover it will help CFA Chartered Financial Analyst candidates with a more global view of finance and investment theories. This list is the result of my research on the internet while trying to find several sources of informations from well-known lecturers.

Massachusets Institute of Technology "MIT" Lectures: The following study materials are used at the MIT Sloan School of Management:

  • Investments: Lectures covering everything from basic portfolio theories CAPM, fixed income theorie, risk management, derivatives financial instrument and a brief introduction to behavioral finance by Professor Reto Gallati.
  • Financial Management: Firm Valuation, risk return theories and Financing Policies from Professor Jonathan Lewellen
  • Entrepreneurial Finance: Key financial challenges entrepreneurs face when funding their start ups by Professor Antoinette Schoar.
  • Real Estate Finance and Investments: This course covers  the basics of real estate valuation and tools to make decision relative to real estate assets by Professor David Geltner (Graduate Level)
  • For more MIT Courses, Marketing, Corporate Law, Statistics and Mathematics CLICK HERE.

Harvard University Lectures: Free courses from the most prestigious university in the world.


Stanford University Lectures: Finance and International Investment Lectures from Stanford.

  • International Investments: An insight on international finance and the evolving international markets, it will give you an understanding of international investments and hedging principles.
  • More informations about Stanford courses and curriculum CLICK HERE.

    Berkeley University Free Lectures: Free courses from an Ivy League University:

    New York University NYU Lectures: Leading University with many finance classes taught by Professor Damodaran.


    • Corporate Finance: Big picture of corporate finance and valuation concepts by Professor Damodaran. (Full Time MBA lecture)
    • Valuation: A lecture about pure valuation technics one of the favorite domain of Professor Damodaran.
    • Investment Philosophies: A detailed perspective of several investment philosophies to understand how they are implemented and what determines success by Professor Damodaran.

    Yale University Lectures: Lectures by Professor Robert J. Shiller and John Geanakopolos.

    • Financial Markets: An overview of all the financial institutions, and an introduction to risk management and behavioral finance by Prof. Shiller.
    • Financial Theory:  Introduction to the role and importance of financial markets in the global economy, this course aims to explains also the thinking and analysis done by hedge funds, by Prof. John Geanakopolos.

    Feel Free to comment and add interesting courses and materials from universities all over the world, and I will add it to this list.


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