Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tutorial To Find A Job In Japan In the Financial Industry, business and IT

The most complete tutorial to find a Job in Japan in finance, business, IT and engineering
 Japan, unlike working in Singapore or Hong Kong can be more difficult for foreigners to find a job  because of the language barrier and the difference in culture, but with the good tools and the right place to look you can save a lot of time during your job hunting.
Finding a job in Japan is not an easy task, and like in any other country, previous relevant work experience will help you a lot in finding a job in Japan, moreover it will help you a lot if you are proficient in Japanese language and passed the JLPT 1 or 2.
If you are looking for a job in finance, management, Human ressources, you are reading the right article, I will divide this article in several categories such as jobs search engines, recruiters websit and Newspapers and Magazine for foreigners in Japan.
For those looking for a job in the financial industry, the CFA "Chartered Financial Analyst" will help you a lot in finding a job in a foreign firm in Japan and will significantly increase your chances of getting an interview.

1) Jobs Search Engine: 

Japan Times Jobs:

Weekly Newspaper published in English, you can find the Jobs listing on the link above or directly on the newspaper, most of the offers requires japanese proficiency and JLPT 2 at least.

Job Seek Japan
Job offers mostly related to IT, Engineering, and Teaching.

Very useful recruitment website with a lot of job opportunites in business related field, finance and IT.

 Similar to Daijob, a lot of job postings are from recruiters, serious website, works well for people with 3 to 5 years experience in any business field, finance and IT.
CDS has many offices across Asia, in Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam and proposes interesting job offers.

Tokyo Connections
 This is similar to a directory and gives numerous websites about job hunting, as well as tips for studying in japan, visas etc.
If you are canadian or enrolled in a Canadian University, this is very useful for intership placements and job offers in Japanese Companies.

Good Website for Job seekers, although most of the offers are for teaching positions, but you can find some interesting positions from time to time for IT and finance.

Job database for people in Japan and bilingual professionals in English and Japanese.

Active community with some job offers and interesting tips for living in Japan

Great information to start your job hunting in Japan and get familiar with the hiring process in Japan

Tokyo Connections
Tokyo Connections is a great online ressource for job seekers in Tokyo.

2) Recruiters and HeadHunters in Japan:

Headhunters and recruiting agencies are pretty useful for individual with 3 to 5 years relevant work experience in Finance, IT or specific field, here are some of the recruiting agencies in Japan:

Headhunter Japan  
All industries for middle to senior level

East West Consulting:
An important player in the recruiting business in Japan with a lot of offers for executive in business and finance

Robert Walters:
 Leading recruiters in the world and Japan, if I remember correctly the office is located near Shibuya, they have a  lot of job offers for every field, very professional.

Great presence in Asia, and interesting offers in Finance, accounting, insurance and human ressources.

3) Newspapers and Magazines for Foreigners in Japan:

Newspapers and Magazines can be of great help to learn more about other foreigners working in Japan, and to learn about the job market in Japan, Here is a list of some of the magazine and newspapers written in english in Japan.

As we mentioned earlier, the Japan Times is a very well-known newspaper written in English.

Daily Newspaper with a nice Job classified

This magazine is very popular and features nice article, but you may not find your dream jobs on it, as they mostly post teaching jobs.

Good Magazine that promotes Japanese Language to foreigners with a Job listing.

I hope you find these informations useful, do not hesitate to comment and post tips on how to find a job in Japan and Asia.


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