Saturday, October 13, 2012

Excel Spreadsheets for Valuation, Pricing and Personal Finance

excel spreadsheets for valuation, pricing, personal finance, forex and bon valuation
Excel is one of the most interesting and complete software that every financial analyst and other financial professionals should use and understand, indeed the spreadsheet functions are limitless and can help you to build efficiently financial models.
You don't need to be a kick-ass programmer to use Excel, but here are some spreadsheets that can be very useful for valuation, capital managing, risk management, option pricing or even for lease payments.

Free Cash Flow To Equity Spreadsheets:
1) FCFE: Free Cash Flow to Equity for firms with a stable growth rate by Professor A. Damodaran NYU Stern Business School.
2) FCFE: Two Stage FCFE Discount Model, High growth at first followed by Stable Growth (Prof. Damodaran)
3) FCFE: Three-Stage FCFE Discount Model, High growth, declining growth and then stable growth (Prof. Damodaran).

Basic Options Pricing Models:
4) Converts Standard Deviation in the Black Scholes model to up and down movements in the binomial tree.
5) Dividend Adjusted Model for the valuation of short-term options.
6) Dividend Adjusted Model for the valuation of long-term options.

Personal Finance Spreadsheets:
7)Lease or Buy a car spreadsheet.
8)Mortgage Calculators, not an excel spreadsheet but pretty useful.

Other Excel Spreadsheets:
9) IRR and NPV: Internal rate of return and Net present value to compare different projects.
10) WACC: Weighted average cost of capital calculations
11) Time Value of Money spreadsheets, introduction to the different concepts of time value of money.
12) Stock Valuation: find the expected return of a stock based on no growth, stable growth and variable growth.
13) IPO Timeline: Initial Public Offerings programs (you have to enable Macros for using it)
14) EVA Economic Value Added Model spreadsheet.
15)Real Estate Investment Analysis workbook by Dr. Smersh.

For more excel spreadsheets related to finance and investment feel free to visit Prof. Damodaran website: CLICK HERE. -->


Vandhana Karthick said...

Your article is 100% useful and needed to all.Many of people think Excel is just used for tabular column and simple calculations, but many of them dont know the complete features of Excel and its advantages can be used, including me. Six months back I have attempted an online quiz and some of questions about Excel usage, but I can perform only 40%, I recollect the same from your article.

Jonathan Dion said...

Hi Vandhana,

Indeed Excel is very powerful tool for finance and investing, even more if we couple it with VBA knowledge.

Anonymous said...

I'm agree that Excel strength is its flexibility, but some times there is the logical problem of mixing models and market data. If you are interested to option pricing there are other free tools like Fairmat ( which try to abstract the option parameters from market data.

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