Friday, October 5, 2012

1 Billion Active Users On Facebook

Facebook reaches 1 billion users, half of the world internet users and 1 seventh of the world population
Today, the number of active users on Facebook has reached 1 billion users who are now using Facebook at least once a month, the number of users increased from 500 million in july 2010, and 100 million users in august 2008.
 The  number of users represents now 1/7 of the world population and almost half the number of internet users in the world which is believed to be around 2.5 billion according to the International Telecommunications Union.

Who are these Users?

According to Facebook, 81% of them are outside the U.S. and Canada, the trend is to use the social media on their mobiles, that explains the recent modifications and the new applications on iPhone and Android that Facebook has launched recently, indeed  the social network counts now more than 600 million mobile users. The average user is 22, female and from Indonesia, Brazil or the United States, but the largest and untaped share of the market remains China, Facebook is looking forward to enter the most populous country in the world which has also the biggest internet community in the world, you know why Mark Zuckerberg is taking Chinese Lesson every morning before going to the office and is planning is next holidays in China.
Another weak point of the social network is the number of fake account that is believed to be approximately 8.7% of the total number of users.
 The longer you stay on facebook the more friends you have, indeed on average a 2-year user has 305 friends while a user who signed up before 2006 has more than 600 friends on average.

Mark Zuckerberg who was watching the screen before it reaches 1,000,000,000 posted a message on his timeline to mark the milestone that has yet never been reached by any other social medias, the facebook family did not really party for this event and went back to work as soon as the show was over.

The investors didn't react particularly to this event has the shares went down by 1 cent to $21.82 which is still 43% below the IPO price believed to be the IPO of the decade.


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