Friday, September 14, 2012

Use The CFA Chartered Financial Analyst to Break Into Finance

How to leverage your CFA to work in the financial industry:

The  CFA Chartered Financial Analyst certification is not a winning lottery ticket to the financial industry, most of the candidates see that as secure choice to break into finance but this is just not the case, in reality the CFA is often a gateway to increase your salary when you are already working in the financial industry.

The networking is often neglected by most of the candidates, as people tends to overestimate the benefits of having the certification, but  they also forget about one side of the CFA: all the events organized by the CFA Institute, these are excellent tools to get job opportunities and keep in touch with the financial world of your region.
Once you are part of the CFA program you have to join the CFA society of your country or the city you are living in and apply for the networking events, if you are living in Asia please have a look at the different events organized by the CFA society, moreover it will  enlarge your knowldege of finance and will give you an edge on other candidates.
Only few CFA candidates are attending those events, most of them think succeeding in the CFA examination is the only thing that matters and forget about networking.
These events are like goldmine, they give you the opportunity to network with CFA charterholders that are for the majority  in the financial management and are those who will  help you getting a job, a single event will be worth more than 1 month of networking.

99% of the candidates don't attend these events, CFA networking events will definitely help you.


Emma Tameside said...

This article was extremely helpful to my position. I recently enrolled on a CFA, my end-goal being to break into the financial sector. I've been doing a lot of research as of late, and it would seem that I will have to enter an internship of sorts after I complete the course.

This a little bit disappointing, but the financial industry has never been easy to get into. I also believe that with a little hard work, I'll work my way up the ladder in no time.

CFA tutors said...

Having the CFA cannot hurt. Off course it won't directly land you a job, but it will certainly lend you some interviews.

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