Monday, September 17, 2012

The Best Msc in Financial Engineering in Asia at NTU "Nanyang Technological University" Singapore

NTU Nanyang Technological University SIngapore campus and Master Msc in financial engineering and quantitative fields
Nanyang Technological University NTU in Singapore is considered to have the best Master (Msc) in Financial Engineering in Asia.
Nanyang Business school is proposing a very rigorous program in quantitative finance and related fields to prepare graduates to work in risk management, derivatives pricing  and other quant jobs.
This Msc is very interesting as it proposes an interdisciplinary program betwenn Nanyang Business School  and the NTU School of Engineering that combines both mathematical and financial knowledges to more technical computer science oriented knowledge.

Nanyang Technological University MFE is enjoying a perfect location in Singapore the place to be for investment banking and finance related jobs in Asia as most of the top-tiers investment firms have an office there, moreover most of the students can enjoy interesting internships opportunities in asia and high placement rate after graduation as 95% of the graduates are placed within 3-months.

 The program  has also a 7 week mandatory exchange program (for full time students) to Carnegie mellon university which is with no doubt the best financial engineering program in the world, students will have to complete 4 courses at CMU, and this will also be an excellent opportunity for networking outside Asia.

Most of the graduates will work in very technical and challenging areas of finance such as:
-Risk Management
-Structuring financial products
-Quantitative finance
-Financial Research

Every student will have to complete 20 core courses and 4 electives courses (more informations on NTU website).

Some Key Statitistics regarding the acceptance at NTU Msc in Financial Engineering:
-Students enrolled per year: 35 to 40
-Deadline for applications: 28 feb for the admission in July
-Average age: 26 yo
-Work experience: 2 years on average
-Thesis: No
-Length of the program: Full Time 1 year, Part Time 1.5 year
-Students Background: Undergraduate degrees in maths, stats, computer science, economics or other related fields
-Average GRE: 1351
-Average GMAT: 694
-International Students: 63%
-Placement Rate: 95%
-Tuition Fees: SGD$ 28,500 (for citizen), SGD$36,000 (for foreigners with 3 years obligation) or SGD$ 49,200 (without 3-years obligation)



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