Monday, September 3, 2012

Scholarships for CFA Chartered Financial Analyst Program

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The CFA Chartered financial analyst is the number one examination in finance, it could be of great help to enroll in the program right after or during your undergraduate degree, but the cost of the CFA examination is quite expensive, indeed the cost can be a barrier for students who have already maxed out their student loans and who cannot afford any extra cost, but the CFA Institute is proposing some scholarships to provide access to the CFA program to people (especially students) who are not able to afford such an expensive examination.
There are two scholarships provided by the CFA institute: Awareness and Access, and they both give access to significantly lower fees for the CFA exam.
  • Access Scholarship: The CFA institute is providing this scholarship for students and people who are not able to afford fully the cost of the CFA Program, if you are interested in this scholarship you should contact the CFA society of your country (or region) unfortunately the application deadline for the access scholarship for June 2013 CFA exam ended on august. The chosen candidates will have to pay only $250 for registration fees including the price of the e-books. On average 2500 access scholarships are given to CFA candidates every year. Get more informations on the CFA institute website.
  • Awareness Scholarship: This one is pretty similar to access scholarship in the way that it reduces the cost of the CFA program to $350 (also including the e-book), but it will be awarded to students and professors from university that are encouraging students to take the CFA by including CFA materials and their curriculum, if you are part of one of the CFA institute Program Partner University you can apply to the scholarship. The application deadline for the Awareness scholarship for  December 2012 CFA exam is on the 1st september 2012 and for June 2012 CFA exam the deadline is the 1st february 2013.


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