Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Master of Finance and Financial Engineering in HKU Hong Kong

Hong Kong University Master of Finance, financial engineering and Risk Management , also prepares you for the CFA examination
Hong Kong University HKU is one of the leading university in business and finance in Asia, its Master of Finance (Mfin) is ranked within the Top 3 graduate programs in Asia where you will have access to a mix of fundamental concepts of finance and cutting-edge technical knowledge.

The program starts with 4 basic courses related to financial analysis, ethics in finance and asset valuation that are directly related to the content of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) curriculum,  this will help you to prepare for the 3 levels of the CFA examination and give you a solid knowledge of finance.

Once the core courses are completed, students will have to choose between Risk Management  (5 courses) or Financial Engineering (6 courses) and then choose between 6 free electives courses  such as derivatives, pricing, fixed income securities and portfolio management are taught.
HKU is proposing here a program considered as interdisciplinary that can be a good compromise between a 100% quantitative master such as the Msc in financial engineering of NTU Singapore and a broader degree such as a MBA.
Overall, graduates from this master are really appreciate from recruiters in Hong Kong and won't have any problem to find a job in investment banking, brokerage firms and securities company.

Key Statistics For HKU Master of Finance:

Deadline for Aplication: Feb 25 2013
Average  Work Experience of students: 4 years
Duration of Program: 1 to 2 Years (Full Time), 2 to 4 Years (Part Time)
Entry Requirements:
-Good Bachelor's degree, possibly with honors and decent GPA
-2 years of work experience is mandatory
-2 recommendation letters
-TOEFL higher than 550 or IELTS higher than 7
Course to complete the Program: 72 credits
Tuition fees: HKD$ 192,000



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