Sunday, September 16, 2012

Best CFA "Chartered Financial Analyst" Apps for Iphone, Ipad and Android

The CFA apps can be very helpful when preparing for the CFA level I and II, the heavy self-studying hours that represent the CFA program requires you to have an excellent time-management and  as you carry your phone wherever you go you will be able to review formulas, flashcards and study-notes of the CFA during lunch or when stuck in the traffic-jams.
CFA apps are on the market for few years already, and as the apps business is litterally booming, very good apps are now available at affordable prices.
You must keep in mind that these apps are just helpful for reviewing important topics, formulas, but the major part of your preparation should be done using CFA  textbooks and study notes.

My selection of CFA "Chartered Financial Analyst" Apps:

1) Apps CFA Formulas Level I: (for Iphone and Ipad)
 apps for CFA formulas chartered financial analyst-Comprehensive review of all the formulas  required by the CFA curriculum level I
-More than 250 formulas with a brief description and the topic it refers to.
Price: $21.99
An excellent tool for the CFA level I, formulas are very easily searchable and precise, this app is widely used by CFA level I test-takers.

2) Kaplan Schweser CFA exam Prep: (Iphone, Ipad, Android)
Schweser apps for CFA chartered financial analyst- Covers all the Ethics content for CFA level I, II, III
-more than 300 case scenarios, video tutorials,
-Possibility to network with other candidates and make study-groups
This App was created by Kaplan which provides one of the most trustful content for the CFA, ethics is a tricky part of the CFA and with all the scenarios from this App you can easily notice your weaknesses, beside that it is totally FREE.

3) Allen Prep App for the CFA level I: (iphone, ipad, android)
Allen Prep apps for CFA chartered financial analyst-CFA exam study tools
-Content is updated after each CFA exam
-Lot of reading content
-Add your own notes and keep track of your study-sessions.
-Price: $99
Despite its high price, this app is probably the most complete CFA apps in the market, price is not always reflecting quality, but in that case it is.

4) CFA institute app: (iPhone, iPad and android)
CFA chartered financial analyst apps for iphone and android-Provides informations on the latest investing and finance topics.
-Made by CFA charterholders
-Good to keep track with the financial world.
This app doesn't provide any materials or help to study for the CFA examination, but provides excellent ressources from CFA charterholders.

5)CFA exam jam App: (iphone and Ipad)
-Glossary of terms
-CFA study guide
-Practice exams questions.
One of the most widely used CFA apps, good materials.


Ivan Selnik said...

I saw this post just now :)
As I said in the 3month study plan, I believe you should check this out:

Another recommendation - the CFA Formulas Level 1 that you mentioned, an excellent and straightforward app. My reccomendation ;)

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