Sunday, September 2, 2012

5 Best Gadgets and Tech Stuffs Coming this year

The year 2012 might be the end of the world but  you will have plenty of new gadgets such as the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini to enjoy the end of the civilization.

iPhone 5: it is expected to be launched on september 21st, and will probably bring up some real new features, Check out the possible features of the new iPhone 5.
apple iPhone 5, iphone 5 new features, finance insider asia
iPad Mini: Apple is very likely to launch a 7-inch iPad at the same time as the iPhone 5 to compete with a growing number of small-size tablets such as the Amazon's Kindle fire and the new Nexus 7 from google.
apple iPad mini, finance insider asia

-Windows Surface: will start selling on october 26th, the first tablet entirely made by Microsoft will first run on Windows RT and then on Windows 8 (from january 2013), the tablet looks pretty cool:
Windows surface tablet, windows 8, windows rt

-iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch: will bring up some new features and improve existing ones such as Siri, New Map, etc.., one of the most user-friendly OS.
apple iOS 6 for apple iPhone, iPad and Ipod touch

-Windows 8: one of the most awaited OS this year from Microsoft for Tablets and PC, those who already own a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 licence will only have to pay $40 to get Windows 8 during the promotional period that lasts till January.

Windows 8, microsoft new operating system


new cool technology gadgets said...

Pretty cool gadgets here. I'm really impressed with these products. I wish I have one of these also. Thank you for sharing. :-)

Anonymous said...

good post to learn, thanks

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Faisy Faisy said...

All the gadgets looking awesome and i wish to purchase it as soon as possible. These are the best gadgets i ever seen. I hope you will add morelatest gadgets for 2013 in next post.

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