Sunday, September 9, 2012

15 Best Financial, Investing and CFA Websites

Finance is a broad subject and lifetime learning process, enjoy some of the finest finance related websites:

Financial News:
1)The Wall Street Journal: Great one, big fan of the "heard on the street" column
2)Reuters: Top of the financial news and reliable
3)Bloomberg: Simply the best, neat and complete.
4)Market Watch: From Wall Street Journal, economic and financial news Worldwide

Finance Blog:
5) Business Insider:Greatest of the financial blog, professional content and humor
6)The Kirk Report: For those interesting in Day trading, this is it!
7)Finance Insider Asia: Well I couldn't miss the opportunity to name my blog :)
8)Zero Hedge: Financial News insight and thoughts.

CFA "Chartered Financial Analyst":
9)CFA institute: register for the CFA program and get core informations.
10)Analyst forum: Largest community of CFA candidates and Charterholders, advices and study tips
11)My CFA experience: A CFA candidate journey to obtaining the precious certification.

Learn about Finance:
11)Investopedia: the Wikipedia of Finance, definitions about financial terms, and Jargon.
12)Cool Investing: Good investing advices for beginners.
13)World Wide Learn: nice free courses on investment.
14)Stocktrak: Stock simulation for university students.
 15)Yahoo Finance: easy to read financial informations and complete analysis of stocks

I hope you enjoy this list, don't hesitate to add your favourite finance websites or blog.


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