Monday, August 20, 2012

iPhone 5 Released Date, News and Rumors

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The iPhone 5 was already expected last fall but the disappointing iPhone 4S was released instead.
We are pretty sure that the iPhone 5 or whatever they will call it will be released in september or october this year.

-Apple during their event in San Francisco last june have as usual said nothing about the new iPhone 5 but they showed us the new iOS 6 which look pretty awesome with tons of new features:

Cool Siri
-Siri on iPad
-Siri will be much sophisticated than before and able to answer more questions than before and could be used in cars for GPS purposes I guess.
-New map system aswell as improved safari and phone apps.

Large Screen
-An important  thing we've learnt from the iOS 6 is that it will be compatible with wider phone screens, somehow it gives us a hint on the size of the new iPhone 5, moreover iPhone rival being the samsung galaxy  has a wider screen than the current iPhone 4S.

New Design
-According to many websites such as "business insider" the iphone 5S is going to be fully redesigned and the look will be significantly different from the iPhone 4S, and might be the thinnest phone apple has ever made.

-The CPU is likely to remain the A5 which is powerful enough to handle the dozen of apps you will have, but it might redesigned to be power-efficient and as a result you won't need to charge it every 3 hours.

NFC Wallet
-Another possible feature of the iPhone 5 would be to enable NFC Wallet technology that are already existing on samsung galaxy phones, so you will be able to use your iPhone 5 as a substitute for your credit or debit card.

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