Thursday, August 23, 2012

Have You Heard of "Bloomberg Assessment Test" BAT?

Bloomberg Assessment Test, BAT, CFA, financial analystBloomberg Assessment Test "BAT" is a new examination from Bloomberg Institute for students majoring in finance and business, somehow similar to the CFA "Chartered Financial Analyst"  in term of financial knowledge but with less depth, it will help students to validate their financial knowledge and to get internship or job opportunities from well-known firms in partnership with Bloomberg Institute.

The test is totally free for the first time you take it and then it will be $50 for each other trial, which seems reasonably cheap compared to the CFA.
 At that time there are no book that really prepare you to the Bloomberg Assessment test but there is a set of question on Bloomberg's website that will guide you in your prepartion, the test is divided into 2 parts and there are a lot of questions for a 3 hours test.

Here are the topic covered during the exam:

Job Related Skills & Abilities

(no calculator are allowed, you will only be able to use the windows calculator from the PC)
 At that time, already 52290 persons have taken the Bloomberg Assessment Test "BAT", and it seems like a pretty good deal to get your knowledge validate and approved by a firm that is one of the leader in financial informations. Moreover depending on your overall score or if you score high in one of the area of finance, don't forget to set your preferences and you will be automatically contacted for internship opportunities within firms that are partners with Bloomberg if you score high.
 Bloomberg might not keep this test free for ever so find a BAT session near your city and get it done.

More informations on Bloomberg Assessment test BAT.


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