Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Carnegie Mellon University, best Master of Financial Engineering in the world

Carnegie Mellon University Master of computational finance, financial engineering, best master in the world
When it comes to the best universities in the world, Harvard, Princeton, MIT come first to people's mind, but in financial engineering and computational finance, Carnegie Mellon University in New York is by far the best Master (Msc)  in the world, so if you want to impress your neighbors go to MIT, but if you want a massive knowledge of finance and be one of the leader on Wall street scene, then enroll in Carnegie Mellon university Msc of computational finance.

This master has for objective to prepare for quant related jobs, and since the master was created in 1994, Carnegie Mellon has been the guru of quantitative finance.
It prepares graduates for job within the financial industry, and mostly on quantitative risk-management, derivatives pricing and on the creation of new financial instruments.

Some of the factors that make this Msc in Computational Finance the best in the world, are :
-Location near Wall Street, perfect place for networking with finance professional and placement in internships.
-Entrance requirements are amongst the most selective in the world
- 17 months Curriculum on Mathematical skills and modelling security prices (longer than most of the Msc programs)

 Some Key statistics regarding the acceptance in Carnegie Mellon Master of Computational Finance:
- Acceptance rate: 6%
-Number of students enrolled each year: 70
-Average student age: 28
-Average salary after graduation $91,000
-Full time program : 17 months including internship
-Average GPA of newly enrolled students: 3.62
-GMAT average score 702: 38 verbal, 48 Quant
-Internation students: between 50 and 55%
-Tuition Fee: $24,600 per semester
-C++ knowledge is a big advantage


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