Saturday, July 21, 2012

How did the Prince of Brunei Blow $14.8 billion

The Prince Jefri Bolkiah, younger brother of the Sultan of Brunei has blown away more than $14.8 billion dollars over the last few years, spending in a day more than what average people get in a whole life, at one point he was spending on average $50 million dollar per month, taking the money from a government oil investment fund that he was managing, it is hard to believe that such an irresponsible person was the Finance Minister of his country!

You might want to know how did he blow up such a huge amount of money, here are some of the purchases he made:

- He owns more than 2300 cars, mostly Bentley, Ferrari and Lamborghini, we can guess that he has all the cars from each of these brands into different colors.

 - He has 8 private planes and helicopters

-He paid more than $1.3 million for erotic fountains and over $10 million for jewel watches showing people having sex...

-He paid an artist $800000 to make  a statue of himself and his girlfriend

-He owns 5 boats and Yachts

-He is the owner of 2 five stars hotels in USA, New York Palace and Hotel Bel-Air (maybe the smartest investment he has done).

-He paid Mickael Jackson $17 million dollar to sing at his 50th birthday and built a stadium for the occasion

-He bought the former Playboy club in London for $34 million dollar, which is about 4 times the market value.

-Another funny one, he paid a badminton coach $1.5 million

-He spent huge amounts on money for the 40 girls of his harem with gifts worth million of dollars.

No wonder this guy was a real maniac, and it would benefit more his country if he was in jail rather than the finance minister.


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