Friday, June 1, 2012

Top 5 highest paying job at Apple.

Every new graduate is dreaming to work for Apple, but who get the big bucks engineers or designers?

Hardware and software engineers are the key to success within a firm like Apple, it makes sense that those engineers get paid more than the other staffs.

What about the designers?
Are you going to buy the next macbook for its new OS or for its nice design? Designers are the most valuable assets at Apple, indeed, the price of the products must be justified by a unique and futurist look.

Here are the ranking of the top 10 highest paying job at Apple Inc. The job of Art director tops the ranking indeed as Steve jobs said " Apple sits a the cross-roads of technology and design".

 1. Art director
     Salary: $133,664
2. Senior software engineer
     Salary: $126,325
 3. Senior hardware engineer
     Salary: $124,893
 4. Product manager
     Salary: $118,556
 5. Product design engineer
     Salary: $116,019


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