Saturday, June 30, 2012

Top 5 forex brokers

Forex trading, top 5 forex brokersChoosing a forex broker can be a difficult choice, indeed you need to choose a broker that will have:
- the leverage you are looking for
- demo accounts if you are a beginner
- that will allow you to lift out your profit as often as you want
- propose a decent spreads on the currencies you want to trade

Your choice will be part of your success in trading forex, that's why I am making this list of the 5 forex brokers I would trade with and this will save you a lot of time!

1)      AVA FX
AVA FX is one of the most popular forex brokers in the market.  This forex broker provides a range of  benefits for forex traders including fixed spreads and 24 hour trading and support.  AVA FX allows you to trade dozens of currency pairs and metals and you can open an account with as little as $100.  Payment can be made using a credit card, Paypal or Webmoney giving you as much flexibility as possible and you can withdraw instantly with an AVA Debit Card.
AVA FX provides all its clients with free advanced forex trading tools and daily exclusive institutional analysis, and offers certain accounts up to 200:1 leverage and no commissions or fees.

2)         ETORO
ETORO is one of the simplest trading platforms which is why it is part of our Top 5 Forex Brokers List and can help beginner forex traders to trade the market efficiently, removing many of the pitfalls that are found with other forex brokers.  The company prides itself on creating a flexible trading platform that provide easy and fast access to the forex market, allowing you to trade from home, or on the go with its new social trading network called ‘OpenBook’.  This simple trading method will appeal to everyone from the beginner trader to the seasoned expert, proven in the 1.5 million clients that currently trade with ETORO.
Clients can log in to the social network and allow traders to interact with each other passing along investment ideas and tips whether through live chat or via the groups message boards there is an education for everyone.  You can even find expert traders and copy those traders with the best results based on their track record and risk profile.
ETORO will also help new traders to assess their risk, providing great tools such a pre-set leverage settings to help their clients calculate their risk and safe guard their investment.  The ‘Guardian Angel’ system provides real-time trading recommendations and advice based on the customers individual trading style and preferences.
You have the opportunity to learn and practice for free with ETORO with the many courses and a free practice account for every customer to assist you in making the right decisions before you begin to trade forex for real.  Every new traders will receive a virtual $10,000 allowing you to test the new found knowledge that you have gained from the site.

3)         Zulu trade
Zulutrade is one of the more modern and advanced forex brokers in the market today.  Zulutrade provides a mirrored trading system for its clients allowing you to pick from the best forex traders based on past performance and the number of pips they have gained.  This is a totally hands off system and is ideal for those traders who either do not have the time to trade for themselves or who are just looking for forex profits.
The system was created is response to a need to audit traders on a global level and at the same time, allowing all forex traders to share their knowledge and performance and have others sign up under them to advance their own knowledge.
You can test the Top 5 Forex Broker Zulutrade for 30 days on a demo account and follow your preferred traders allowing them to trade your virtual funds and gaining an idea of the forex profits that you will receive on a real account.

4)         Plus 500
The PLUS 500 trading platform provides free time unlimited demo accounts to all its new clients, a useful tool in a forex world where many platforms curtail your demo activity.  The platform will allow you to trade with fixed spreads and no commissions and a leverage of 1:50.
Plus 500 provides all its clients with real time streaming quotes and advanced technical analysis allowing you to benefit from the market news as it happens. Traders can choose between forex currencies, CFD’s, Indices, Oil and a lot more and can fund their account from as little as £100 via credit card or wire transfer.
If you are a new customer to Plus 500 you will receive up to 30% bonus on your first deposit and a free £20 gift for trading.  The execution of trades is carried out in real time via quote fast and you will have access to the world’s financial markets in just a few clicks via this Top 5 Forex Broker.

6)         Finotec
With finotec you can have the flexibility to choose between five different trading platforms to suit your needs including Currenex, Sky, MT4, Fund manager Meta Trader and FIX API each one loaded with trading toolkits to help you gain forex profits.  The broker provides low spreads, one click market execution orders and real time charts to help you make money in the forex market.
If you are someone who is constantly on the go the SMS text alert system will allow you to never miss a trade and you can take comfort in knowing that this broker is FSA Regulated.
Finotec uses their network of leading banks to find you the best spread available at the time that you place your trade, ensuring that you never pay a higher spread than you need to.  In some cases you will even find 0 pip spreads, and lets face it where else have you seen that?
The fact that $20 billion is executed with Finotec every month allows them to get you the best possible pricing for your currency pairs and is one of the reasons why they are included in our Top 5 Forex Broker list.
Finotec has no dealing desk and automatically routes your trades to the banks, allowing them to state that they have no conflict of interest with their clients.  They use the most modern of algorithms to get you the price you requested in 95% of the clicks that you make.
Users can open a Forex Demo Account and practice trading with virtual money and they can also open a Forex Mini Account with as little as $200. All client funds are deposited with highly respected financial institutions and leading international banks.


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