Saturday, June 2, 2012

Top 10 Countries with the biggest percentage of millionaires

The Asia-pacific region (excluding Japan) has the biggest increase in millionaires households, indeed Private wealth was up by 10.7% in 2011, on the other hand households wealth in Europe has declined by 0.4% due to the worsening Debt-crisis spreading now to Spain and Portugal and North american Wealth has also declined by 0.9%.

The following ranking show the top 10 countries with the highest proportion of households with $1 million dollars assets or more.

(% of the population , number of millionaires)
1. Singapore, 17.1%, 188,000

Singapore with its population of 4.8 million people has the highest percentage of millionaire in the world relative to its population. The city-state is indeed a major financial hub and the biggest center for offshore banking in Asia. The newest Billionaire in town is the young facebook co-founder Eduardo Savering who refused the US citizenship for tax purposes and who is now worth more than $4 billion dollar after facebook IPO.

2. Qatar, 14.3%, 47,000

Oil and Gas exports has made this small country one of the richest in the world and has now the third largest  gas reserves in the world. This year, Qatar has  started heavy investments across the world from rubber factory to soccer teams, the country is showing is wealth and power.


3. Kuwait, 11.8%, 63,000

Kuwait oil exports account for more than 95% of its total exports, the country is planning to spend more than $130 billion into investments to depend less on oil and gas exports.

4. Switzerland, 9.5%, 322,000
5. Hong Kong, 8.8%, 212,000
6. U.A.E., 5.0%, 57,000
7. U.S., 4.3%, 5,134,000
8. Israel, 3.6%, 83,000
9. Taiwan, 3.2%, 246,000
10. Bahrain, 3.2%, 8,000


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