Monday, June 4, 2012

Job opportunities with CFA (chartered financial analyst) Vs MBA?

 Many People are hesitating between taking the CFA or studying for a MBA, the CFA will give you more a more detailed knowledge of Finance and will be better than a MBA for a finance career, on the other hand very few people can achieve the 3 levels of the CFA program, whereas most of the people who starts a MBA program will receive the diploma at the end.
Moreover the cost of a MBA can be crazy compare to its benefits.
The following is the amount of time needed to obtain the CFA designation according to the CFA institute:
  • Four years, on average, to complete the program
  • Six months of preparation for each exam
  • 250 hours minimum of study time (10-15 hours per week) 

Job opportunities for CFA holders:

 Basically the CFA prepares you to work in any finance field, but according to the CFA institute, CFA holders work:
Buy Side - 55%
  • Investment Companies/Mutual Funds - 25%
  • Private Client Wealth Manager Advisor - 11%
  • Hedge Funds/Fund of Hedge Funds -6%
  • Banks - 7%
  • Insurance Companies - 4%
  • Pensions and Foundations - 4%
  • Private Client Wealth Manager/Advisor - 2%
Sell side- 16%
  • Investment Bank/ Broker Dealer - 16%
Other - 29%
  • Consultancy
  • Government/Regulator
  • University/College
  • Research Firm

CFA value is increasing all around the world and especially in asia, indeed CFA holders career growth and compensation are decent.
Motivation and rigorous study are the keys to success, a self-studying program like the CFA is not an easy task, and a passion for finance is mandatory to obtain it.


Lokesh said...

How much does the CFA exam cost?

Jonathan Dion said...

It costs around $1200 for each of the three levels.

Alejandra Lapeyre said...

Could I study online by myself?

Jonathan Dion said...

Hi Alejandra,

Yes you can study by yourself, you first need to enroll to the program to get the CFA books (or E-books), here are some preparation tips :

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