Friday, June 1, 2012

High School in New York has its own trading floor!

brooklyn academy of global finance, finance, school, study, bi, dngThis upper class high school :  Brooklyn Academy of Global Finance high school has a real trading floor with the exact same technology that is use in Wall street, indeed they are equipped with a real-time stock ticker, mutli-screens monitors to track stocks and even have the expensive bloomberg licence software, although no real trade can be done, this room helps students to get familiar with the finance and business world as it is a part of the curriculum of the school.

"Our real mission and vision is to provide students with a global perspective," said the schools' according to principal Kavita Gupta. And "the trading room floor is a resource to provide foundational skills in finance."

The High school which has been created only 3 years ago, is a pionneer in  giving classes on Finance, Introduction to business, Entrepreneurship and giving students the opportunity to have internship programs.

The trading floor was finished last may and soon some new summer classes will use this technology and give a trading experience to the students.

(Photo of the classroom)

Once you pick a stock/commodity/currency, a chart shows the performance in top right screen, and recent news on the topic shows up on the bottom right. Here, finance teacher Joanna Sanchez demonstrates how to use the LCD monitors.


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Cheap High school isn't it?

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