Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fake Lamborghini in China selling at $65,000

Fake Chinese Lamborghini The Best Lamborghini in China is Not Actually a LamboChina has been copying almosts every possible goods in this world, and they are now "innovating" with a Lamborghini Replica, indeed real Lamborghini are very costly in China, the gallardo starts at 3.5 million yuan and the Aventador is 6.45 million yuan (more than 1 million dollar).

A home automaker has made a fake version of the Lamborghini Murcielago for only 420,000 yuan ($65,000),  the automaker said that the Replica is 99% identical to the real one on the exterior, and the interior is 70% similar.
The biggest difference is the engine, instead of the V12 you get a 2.2L Toyota 3S engine with a top speed of 200kph, the reservation period is 5 month and you can add real Lamborghini Wheels for 50000 extra yuan...
Unfortunately the car cannot get a licence plate and you will only able to drive it on non-public roads if you are not wealthy enough to bribe the police.

Good thing: if you want the full Lamborghini Look, some Chinese people have started to sell the "Lamborghini Milk Tea", only in China...


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