Friday, May 18, 2012

Fortune 500 companies: Who is hiring?

Fortune 500 Companies who is hiring new graduates?
Which financial companies from the Fortune 500 are hiring?

Number 1: Bank of America Corp.
Bank of America Fortune 500 companies hiring this year
 Fortune 500 rank: 9
Current openings: 4,720
- Always looking for new talent, recently most of the job openings are in consumer banking, commercial banking, investment banking and finance.
TIP: Match your skills with the desired position, learn about the company and do your best to impress your interviewer

Number 2: J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
JP morgan Fortune 500 companies hiring this year

Fortune 500 rank: 13
Current openings: 15,550
-They are currently looking for 15500 positions mostly in the retail banking such as financial advisors, loan officers and branch managers
 TIP: Show them your positive attitude and outstanding resume.

Number 3:  Citigroup
Citibank Fortune 500 companies hiring this year
 Fortune 500 rank: 14
Current openings: 3,560
-Banking, credit specialists, lending, IT, analysts.

Citigroup's job listings

Number 4: Prudential Financial
Prudential Financial Fortune 500 companies hiring this year
 Fortune 500 rank: 64
Current openings: 362
-Most openings are for roles such as financial analysts, sales professionals, actuarial, customer service, operations and administrative.

 Prudential's job listings


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