Saturday, May 5, 2012

Find a finance internship in Asia

Getting an internship is a must for every student who is expecting to work in the financial industry.
You have to know that firms in Asia does not have this internship culture that American or European  firms can have, so it makes it more difficult to get an internship over here, but there are plenty of foreign firms with offices all around asia.

General advices about internship:
- you should apply for an intern position at the summer break of your 3rd year if you are studying an undergraduate degree, indeed companies  ("good" companies) will not consider your application if you are in freshmen or sophomore   year due to your obvious  lack of specific knowledge.

Applying for an internship in Asia:

The best destinations for an internship in Asia in my opinion remains: Hong Kong, Singapore, indeed most of the best investment banks have offices there and they are all proposing internships program without requirement of speaking the local language.
On the other hand if you have the ability to speak any asian language, I am recommending to keep practising it to reach a business level therefore you could have a much wider range of companies to apply for you internship.

Here are some firms that propose some of the best internship programs in investment banking and corporate finance in Asia:

-JP Morgan
-Morgan Stanley
-Credit Suisse
-BNP Paribas
-Societe Generale
-Nomura Securities 
-Deutsche Bank

These programs are among the most selective ones but they give you the biggest opportunities to land a job if you are performing well during your internship.
You can check the details on their websites, the application period is usually around september to december preceding the summer period.

They all have some GPA requirements so it is widely reccomended to have a gpa over 3.5/4 up and some outstanding resume to be considered by the human ressources, as I told before they also really appreciate if you speak any extra languages.

There is some mathematical and verbal tests as a part of the selection process for some of these firms (BNP Paribas and Credit suisse, if I remember correctly), I recommend you to train before starting the test as they will automatically reject your application if you dont get the minimum score.

If you are an average student with an average GPA, you should get a list of the foreign companies with offices in the place you desire to do your internship aswel as local companies and send them unsolicited application.


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