Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cost of living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one the most expensive city in Asia and all around the world.
What makes Hong Kong so expensive?
Hong Kong is well known for its really high property prices, indeed the shortage of land on the island makes everything really concentrated around the business district. Moreover health care, automobiles and some other products are also quite expensive due to their inflated price.
We can say that it is a city for big spenders,indeed hong kong counts about 212 000 millionaires but there are always some ways to find a more reasonable lifestyle with a modest budget.

Food and Drinks Costs 

 Food is expensive because most of the products are imported from Mainland China, on average people spends around 300 euros for the food and drinks. It can be even more for expats who keep their eating habits from their countries, eventhough some expat-friendly supermarkets spread around the city but the price comes with a premium. 

Clothing and Accessories Costs  in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is famous for its electronic stores full of gadgets at a very cheap price. Moreover clothes, jewelry and very high-end clothes are cheap due to the low VAT.
Many tourists just come to Hong Kong for shopping and nothing else, and the city is knows as very fashionable all around asia, attracting lot of mainland Chinese who will buy their Louis Vuitton bags at a more affordable price than in Beijing.

Housing Costs in Hong Kong

 Most of the people live in apartment buildings and condomiums, a 1-bedroom will cost you at least 500 euros and it can go up to ............Euros if you have the budget.
If you are wealthy enough you can get to live on the luxurious villas overlooking the Sea.
Expatriates are also able to purchase land in Hong-Kong.


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