Monday, May 21, 2012

Biggest Virus attack on Apple Mac computers didn't work

VIrus attack on mac computers from apple

Last month a hacking  attack on more than 600 000 Mac computers shown that Apple computers are as vulnerable as Microsoft Windows computers are.
According to the anti-virus Symantec, the attack was so massive that it got all the attention from Symantec's security response and they were able to cut the criminals off from the infected Mac, therefore it was a big flop for the hackers who didn't get anything from this attack.

Symantec said that approximately 600 000 Macintosh were infected, but only 10 000 had installed the software made by the hackers which redirected them to websites they weren't trying to visit.

More than 400 000 clicks were generated from infected computers, for example if the Mac user was typing "hotels" on google, all the normal ads would have appeared but if he had clicked on the ads, it would have redirected him on a different website ( one that had paid the hackers to show its ads).

The clicks on the fraudulent ads generated a revenue of $14 000 for the hackers, but they were not able to collect the payment according to Symantec.
Experts told that the hackers were on the edge on a techinical point of view, but the attack was so big that it extinguished itself.

“They did manage to infect a huge number of computers — they put a lot of effort into their infrastructure and from a technical point of view, they seemed to be on the ball,” he said. “But from the point of view of collecting the money, they weren’t so good.”
Ultimately, the biggest attack on Macs in the computer’s history burned so hot that it extinguished itself, Murchu said.



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